We will be using our best judgement in designing your set. When adding your theme information please include colors you would like incorporated into the design. Also please include names if you would like to have a few cookies with custom writting on them. 

Baby Shower

  • Storage

    These cookies are good for up to 2 weeks if kept in a air tight container.


    They can also be frozen for 3-6 Months if you have a change in plans. To safely store in the freezer, put them into freezer safe bags individually. Stack & place them into a freezer safe container to be stored until ready to eat. If you got your cookies heat sealed, leave them in the packaging & freeze in a container that way.


    Thawing frozen cookies should never be done in th fridge. The condensation could have negative effects on the royal icing. Instead pull them from the bags, set on a cooling rack or a cookie sheet to thaw & come back to room temp. Eat & enjoy!