The break down of pricing listed here is for everything Sprinkled Sweet Shop offers currently & during special menu items for holidays. 

These prices do reflect any sprinkles or simple additions I may add when designing your cake. All other price additions will be calculated upon the discussion of the design you are looking for. Pricing is subsequent to changes upon the addition of fresh florals, fillings & modeling chocolate work per each design.


Cupcakes $2.50 each

Deluxe Cupcakes $3.50 each

Cakesicles $3 each

Cookie Doughsicles $3 each

4in Mini Cake/Smash cake $25

(4-6 servings)

6in Cake Standard $40

(8-10 servings)

6in Tall Cake $58

(15 servings)

8in Cake Standard $50

(15-24 servings)

8in Tall Cake $75

(24-36 servings)

10in Cake $70

(25-39 servings)

12in Cake $100

(30-56 servings)

Decorated Sugar Cookies

$4 per cookie for basic designs

$5 per cookie for large complex designs

$7 per cookie for character cookies

Tiered Cakes

4in/6in Standard Tiered $85

(15 servings)


4in/6in Tall Tiered $105

(22 servings)

6in/8in Standard Tiered $120

(25-34 servings)

6in/8in Tall Tiered $160

(39-51 servings) 

4in/6in/8in Standard Tiered $150

(31-45 servings)


$.50/serving for cakes*


* this charge is only applied when choosing a specialty filling from the Fillings menu. No additional charges will be applied if you are wanting 2 different buttercreams with your cake (one inside, one outside).