About Us

Passion & love for all things sprinkled


Would you believe me if I told you that cake decorating wasn't my first thought when I dreamed about what I'd be when I grew up? I first had to rule out & accept I wasn't going to be a Mermaid (I know, it still stings), Training the Orcas at Sea World was going to have to wait as well, at least till I wasn't afraid of sharks (that's still a work in progress). All through out high school I had a passion for painting & drawing. But as we all know finding that one thing that would be your true passion took me a bit longer than I thought it would. 


Lets move along though to 2010, I'm still on the complete wrong path in my life & I get to meet my love. We become parents almost a year later (I know what you are thinking, but that is a story for another time). It wasn't until my daughters first birthday that I found my love for cupcakes. Fun Fact: On my 18th birthday I got my first tattoo of a cupcake. Apparently the universe knew something I didn't. Because it wasn't till I was 21 that I started to pursue baking...... Now back to my story. I dove into the world of all things cake decorating. Clearly from reading, my road didn't take me down any professional training or schooling. Everything that I know about cakes & decorating was learned from Google, Instagram & YouTube. I am proudly 100% self taught in every aspect of my decorating knowledge. 

In 2015 I started teaching myself the art of Sugar Flowers & making a real push towards being a business. I have been successfully running my Etsy shop for almost 2 years &  in spring of 2017 my Etsy shop had been feature in Martha Stewart Real Weddings Magazine. My cake business has been growing for almost a year. Every day is a learning day. Whether it's how to do some new technique for an order or learn how to not cry when something doesn't go my way...... Oh yes I'm one of those stress criers. I truly would not change a thing because every up and down I have experienced, has only made me a stronger decorator & business owner. 

Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with all of you! I look forward to creating more fun & unique cakes for any & all of your occasions.